“If paint is a tool for adding reality to our impressions of external world, an ordinary material can turn into an instrument of artistic expression.” That is how I started this experimental adventure… I have separated objects manufactured for a specific function from their essence. Breaking usual perception patterns, I used them to form different textures and depths. While composing this space, using materials I saved and filtered in my life, generated the concept of time. The materials reached an organic integrity as they blended with layers of paint in time. And this served the layers to increase and densely textured surfaces to form. As a result, textures with pieces of past experiences were formed in every painting of mine. These materials have been my way of transfering experiences to you. Now they will regain life in the light of your own experiences.


Deniz Say graduated from International Trade Department of Boğaziçi University, İstanbul ( 1997- 2002 ). After various professional work experiences, she entered the art world, in which she was interested since her childhood, working with Altan Çelem.  Simultaneously she started working with Güneş Özmen.  Besides art classes:

Art History , by Arşo Kasparyan ( 2012- 2015 )
Contemporary and Modern Art History Seminar Istanbul Modern Museum (2015 )
Artwork Analysis, MIM85 Art, by Yalçın Sadak (2016)
Philosophy, MIM85 Art, by Yalçın Sadak (2016)
Modern Art History – MIM85 Art, by Yalçın Sadak ( 2016-2018)

Solo Exhibitions

2015    “The Ones I Saved”, Galeri Artist Çukurcuma, İstanbul
2016    “The Ones I Saved II”, Lucca Art Bebek, İstanbul
2018   “Traces of Life”, Art212, İstanbul

Group Exhibitions

2016    “When I Woke Up This Morning” , Beylerbeyi Palace Tünel Art Gallery
2016    “Naked”, Muğla Sekibaşı Hamam
2016    “Migration Stories”, Bursa History of Migration Museum
2016    “ Dream Walkers ” , Milta Bodrum Marina Ottoman Dockyard Art Gallery
2016    ” October Gateway” , Marmaris Municipality Culture and Art Center

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